Six Month Braces in Louisville, KY

Dentist Offering Powerprox Six Month Braces Louisville KYWould straighter teeth improve your self-confidence or allow you to smile more freely? If the length of time in braces, the expense or the way they would look is holding you back from orthodontic treatment, we have a cosmetic dental solution for you. Springhurst Hills Dentistry proudly offers Six Month Braces. This revolutionary orthodontic system provides fast results with your comfort and aesthetics in mind. Beyond being able to achieve straighter teeth in just six months, others may not even notice that you are wearing Six Month Braces.

The Best in Short Term Orthodontics

How is it possible to correct a crooked smile in just six months? Powerprox Six Month Braces uses the most proven orthodontics techniques with the latest in dental technology to move teeth faster than traditional treatments. This system uses hi tech archwires, periodontal ligaments (PDL) and light forces to effectively straighten teeth in as little time as possible. The majority of our patients achieve their ideal results in just six months. An added bonus in choosing Six Month Braces is the minimal visibility they provide. They are clear and discreet braces that naturally blend with your teeth. This is especially beneficial for the many adult patients who select Six Month Braces. We understand having braces as a working professional is not ideal. Therefore, our office is pleased to offer Six Month Braces to eliminate your concerns and allow you to take advantage of such an advanced smile-straightening solution. Rest assured that although Six Month Braces provides such aggressive results, they are very safe, comfortable and do not damage your teeth. At Springhurst Hills Dentistry, we love helping our patients achieve their best smile possible with treatments that are convenient and comfortable. With Six Month Braces, patients can drastically cut their time in braces with a process that is virtually unnoticeable to others. Contact us today to find out if Six Month Braces is right for you. This short term orthodontic solution is known for providing maximum results at minimal cost.
Crowded teeth to straight teeth before and after pictures Louisville KYOverbite reduction before and after photos Louisville KYCrowded teeth before and after pictures Louisville KYCrowded teeth before and after pictures Louisville KY
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