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Louisville KY Family DentistMany people choose to ignore certain issues because they either believe that they are not serious or that they will simply go away on their own. Some people do this to avoid spending money; some do this to avoid rearranging their schedules; and some do this to avoid visiting the doctor or dentist at any cost. At Springhurst Hills Dentistry, we completely understand. Having an issue with your health is not something that anyone wants to have occur. Yet, what we also understand is that ignoring an issue with your oral health will not make it go away. Any type of toothache is generally a symptom of another issue. The teeth do not hurt on a whim, but as a result of something causing them to hurt. Because a pain in the tooth is typically a symptom of something serious going on, it must be viewed as a direct warning that your oral health is compromised. The teeth are not designed to heal themselves as many other areas of the body were created to do. Ignoring a toothache will not make it go away, it will simply lead to a much more serious issue that will require more time, money, and discomfort. Pain in a tooth can be caused by different reasons. Some issues are relatively small and easy to treat, while others are more serious and will require extensive treatment. Something that is important to note is that most small issues will evolve into serious issues if they are not given the appropriate treatment in a timely manner. An example of this is that some people experience a pain in a tooth, they go to the dentist and learn that the pain is caused by a popcorn kernel being trapped under the gum line. A simple removal of the kernel is all that is usually necessary. However, if that piece of food was left in the mouth, it would begin to rot and infect the surrounding area. This would allow a simple issue to turn into a serious concern that compromises the health and life of your tooth. Other serious issues that cause tooth pain are cracked teeth, damaged teeth, or infected teeth. These issues must be addressed by your dentist in order to save your tooth. Once any type of infection reaches the roots of a tooth, debilitating pain will be experienced, and treatment will be quite extensive and expensive. If you experience any type of pain in your tooth, please call Springhurst Hills Dentistry right away. We want to relive your pain and help you avoid serious dental issues.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Lan Tran, Springhurst Hills Dentistry

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