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If you are participating in any sport that could cause injury to your mouth, it is always best to wear a custom athletic mouthguard. Athletes in Louisville may think they do not need a mouthguard or that the ones you can buy over-the-counter are good enough. However, the Academy for Sports Dentistry (ASD) maintains that “. . . to be adequate, a mouthguard must be properly fitted and worn. In order to ensure a proper fit, a mouthguard is best fitted by a dental professional.”

Dr. Lan Tran at Springhurst Hills Dentistry has expertise in comprehensive dental care, including fitting custom athletic mouthguards made for you. When a mouthguard is constructed from a cast of the athlete’s own teeth, it provides the best fit according to the ASD. These specially made mouthguards take into consideration the unique needs of the athlete and the demands of the sport. Whether or not the athlete will need to speak, how the athlete bites and the way in which the appliance can best protect the teeth are calculated in the design of the device.

What you may not realize is that sports injuries to the mouth are painful physically and financially. In fact, the National Youth Sports Foundation for Safety states that lifetime dental costs can be in the thousands of dollars per tooth – as much as $20,000 – for a knocked-out tooth that is not preserved or replanted. Mouthguards make a tremendous difference, especially when you consider that the chance of dental injury increases 60-fold for athletes who don’t wear them. Louisville athletes do not need to be among the national average of 600,000 yearly emergency room visits for sports-related dental injuries. Contact us today for an appointment with Dr. Tran to get your custom mouthguard.

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