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State-of-the-Art Digital Technology

Practicing conservative care means that we need to utilize the latest dental technologies to help us diagnose problems earlier and treat them more efficiently. At Springhurst Hills Dentistry, your Louisville dental team uses leading edge digital technology to help ensure that your appointments are effective, efficient, and comfortable.

Digital X-rays Emergency Dentistry Louisville KY

Digital X-rays

At our practice, our dedicated dental team relies on digital X-rays to obtain images of patients’ teeth and jawbone. Digital X-rays and digital panoramic X-rays let our team see the structure of teeth and any potential problems with the jawbone, so that we can begin a conservative treatment plan quickly.

Benefits of Digital X-rays

  • Up to 90% Less Radiation Compared to Traditional X-rays
  • No Sharp, Uncomfortable X-ray Film
  • Images Available Instantly
  • Faster Diagnosis & Faster Start of Treatment

Intraoral Camera Dental Checkups Louisville KY

Intraoral Camera

We use an intraoral camera during exams and treatments. Not only do the light and camera allow us to see areas of the mouth that might otherwise be obscured from our view, but they also let us show you exactly what we see when we look into your mouth. The camera is a valuable patient education tool that we use to walk you through your diagnosis and treatment plan, so we can address your questions and concerns prior to beginning treatment.

DIAGNOdent Dentistry Louisville KY


We use the DIAGNOdent® laser cavity detection system to scan your teeth for small and early-stage cavities, those that often go unnoticed during typical exams. The DIAGNOdent system works by measuring the fluorescence within the tooth structure. A healthy tooth will have little to no fluorescence, whereas teeth with any amount of decay will show increasing levels of fluorescence. Early detection of cavities allow Louisville dentist Dr. Tran to place less invasive fillings and preserve more of the natural, healthy tooth.

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