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Dental Sealants

The chewing surfaces of back teeth can sometimes have deep ridges. These ridges can be difficult to clean thoroughly with just a regular tooth brush. Bacteria can lodge in the crevices and produce acid that leads to dental decay. Often when this damage occurs to the enamel it goes unnoticed until a cavity is formed that may require other dental treatments. It is usually through the dental exam that the decay is discovered. One way to help prevent this scenario from happening is to apply a dental sealant on those teeth.

Teeth Sealing

Since the molars and premolars are generally more difficult to clean due to the nature of the biting surface, decay has more opportunity to develop in these teeth. Plaque and food debris get lodged in the tiny grooves where toothbrush bristles cannot reach. Sealants act as a barrier, protecting your teeth while still allowing you to chew your food properly. They are made from a synthetic resin material and are safe for use with children. In fact, the use of sealants can help prevent premature loss of teeth in children. Many children wind up losing baby teeth to decay, particularly the back teeth. Once the teeth are thoroughly cleaned professionally, the sealant is applied directly to the teeth, covering groves and pits. It hardens as it bonds to the tooth enamel providing protection from acids and decay producing plaque. Normal chewing does not wear the sealant down easily. Many sealants will last for years before reapplication is deemed necessary. For parents, this is great news. Knowing that your children’s teeth are protected gives you added peace of mind. Adults with deep fissures and pits in their molars and premolars are also relieved to know that sealants are providing them with the protection they need. Your teeth are one of your greatest assets. They are also critical to your overall health and wellbeing. Protect your natural assets with dental sealants. Contact Springhurst Hills Dentistry today and set up your appointment.
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