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Fluoride is a natural mineral that is important in building strong teeth. It is in food, water, and toothpaste, but sometimes a patient may need an extra amount to prevent tooth decay and continue to keep their teeth healthy. Contact Springhurst Hills Dentistry to set up your appointment for a fluoride treatment in Louisville today!

What do fluoride treatments do?

If you’ve had a routine cleaning and exam, the chances are high that you have been asked if you want to do a fluoride treatment. But what exactly does it do? It is often a rinse, gel, or varnish applied to the teeth to help strengthen tooth enamel. When you get a fluoride treatment, the natural mineral will help strengthen, maintain, and prevent decay to the tooth enamel as it coats the surface.

Are fluoride treatments safe?

Fluoride treatment at the dentist is safe and effective. Food, water, and toothpaste contain it but not in a high enough concentration that can fight tooth decay for a long-lasting span. There’s fluoride treatment for kids and for adults. Both types of treatment will have a different application method and concentration, as the amount that is safe for children is different from adults. Depending on your oral health, your dentist can determine how often you should receive it.

How often should I get fluoride treatment?

While your dentist will discuss this with you, the general time frame is every three or six months. But this will be determined by your oral health. Those who are at higher risk of tooth decay may land on the frequent side. But, you’ll be able to resume normal eating or drinking after 30 minutes of treatment! If you have dental insurance, most insurances will cover the cost. To learn more about the cost, visit our financial page or reach out to our office!

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