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Missing teeth cause a variety of problems depending on which teeth are missing and how many. Even one missing tooth can alter your looks considerably over time if it is not replaced. Several missing teeth can affect your overall health as your eating habits change to accommodate fewer chewing and biting surfaces. Louisville residents can call on Springhurst Hills Dentistry for restorative dentistry to get things back the way they were meant to be. Partial and full dentures are removable devices that have artificial teeth constructed to look like your own teeth. Our affordable dentures and partials are well made to fit comfortably, provide your facial muscles with the support they need, and give you back a beautiful smile.

Full/Complete Dentures in Louisville

Missing teeth affect your looks, your speech and your nutrition. Your teeth provide support for facial muscles and soft tissues. When those teeth are missing the cheeks begin to cave in, adding years to your appearance. Your nutrition is affected because you can no longer chew your food the way your body needs you to for the best absorption of nutrients. You also may be eating a less nutritious diet because of missing teeth. Dr. Tran will make an assessment of your case and provide you with a set of dentures that will take years off your appearance, allow you to eat as you should and as you would like to. Restoration of missing teeth will also improve your speech which often changes when teeth are missing.

Partial Dentures in Louisville, KY

You may not need full dentures. You may have many teeth missing, yet still have enough solid teeth that a full denture is not called for. If several back teeth are missing, you may not be a candidate for bridge work, but a partial denture may serve you well. Partials are also used to fill in other vacant areas as well.

Your oral health and well-being are of prime concern at Springhurst Hills Dentistry. If you have missing teeth, do not ignore those spaces. Let Dr. Tran restore your mouth to a healthy, aesthetically pleasing state. Contact us today for an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat normally with dentures?

It’s a good idea to start with softer foods until you are comfortable wearing them but in time you should be able to eat most of your favorite foods. There are a few things you should avoid, however. Some foods that are hard like nuts and some raw vegetables, or have hard pieces like popcorn, can be harmful to dentures. Candy or other really sticky foods also pose a problem for denture wearers and should be avoided. Chewing gum is also troublesome because it sticks to the denture and could break the adhesive seal.

What types of dentures are there?

Springhurst Hills Dentistry offers both full and partial dentures. If you are missing all of your upper or lower teeth then a full denture would restore your smile. If you are missing a string of teeth but have enough stable teeth then a partial denture or bridge could be a good solution. A combination of full and partial dentures is another possibility. Dr. Tran consults with each patient to find the best solution for their particular situation.

How do I care for my dentures?

Take your dentures out every night for cleaning. Consider removing them over a sink full of water or over a hand towel since they can break if they are dropped. Thoroughly brush them with a soft toothbrush or denture brush to prevent staining and to remove food and bacteria. Use a non-abrasive mild dish soap or denture paste since normal toothpaste is too harsh and abrasive. Soak them overnight in a water-based cleaning solution.

What is the process like?

The first step is a consultation with Dr. Tran to decide which type of denture will provide the best solution and meet your smile goals. Extraction of one or more teeth is the next step for some patients. Next, an impression will be made of your mouth so that your dentures can be custom-made just for you. Your denture will then be created by our lab. We will make sure they fit comfortably before finishing the process.

What is the average cost?

There are so many different scenarios for dentures that it is difficult to pin down an average cost. Prices vary widely depending on how many teeth need to be extracted, the type of denture required, and the complexity of the treatment. Dr. Tran will review your case and provide a price before your treatment begins. Insurance companies usually cover some of the price of dentures. Additionally, our office accepts CareCredit for flexible payment options. Some types of dental bridges are eligible for a discount if you are a member of our Dental Savers Plan.

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