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How Our Laser Technology Detects Decay

Check out our blog post to learn about our DIAGNOdent cavity detection laser technology that helps us identify decay in its early stages. Are your teeth cavity-free? Schedule your next checkup at our Louisville dental office to be sure your mouth healthy!

How Much Will My Dental Visit Cost?

Read our blog post to learn about our military discount and in-house Dental Savers Plan. We also accept CareCredit and many dental insurances. If you have further questions about our various payment options to finance your dental treatments, contact our friendly team today.

Floss to Boost Your Health

When you think of caring for your teeth and your oral health what comes to mind? If you are like most people, the answer of “brushing my teeth” is often the only one you will get. Sure, if pressed, many people will also agree that visiting the dentist is important. Yet, if flossing is not … Continued

Pain In The Tooth? Call Right Away!

Many people choose to ignore certain issues because they either believe that they are not serious or that they will simply go away on their own. Some people do this to avoid spending money; some do this to avoid rearranging their schedules; and some do this to avoid visiting the doctor or dentist at any … Continued

Gum Disease and Children

Many people mistakenly think that gum disease is a problem for adults or people who may be genetically predisposed to it. While it is more common in adults, diseases of the gum can affect children as well. Gum disease is a chronic inflammation of the gums that can progress to impact the soft tissue and … Continued
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