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When your smile leaves something to be desired because of chipped, damaged or misshapen teeth, tooth bonding may be something to consider. With dental bonding a strong plastic material is applied to correct the problem. A special light is used to harden the material and cause it to bond directly to the tooth. For example, if you have a tooth with a corner chipped off, Dr. Tran will prepare it for bonding then apply the plastic resin, filling in the damaged portion. Once the resin is hardened she will then use dental instruments to refine and finish the bonded area. Since the resin is the same color as the neighboring teeth, the end result of this cosmetic dental treatment will be your tooth restored to its natural looking wholeness.

Dental Bonding Specialist

As a dental bonding specialist, Dr. Tran has expertise in using this method to restore beautiful smiles. Bonding is used to make a difference in a variety of situations. If teeth are discolored or mottled looking, bonding can be used to improve the color. It is used to restore cracked and chipped teeth. Misshapen teeth can be made to look normal through bonding. Small gaps between teeth can be closed with this technique. It is also used for protection in instances where part of a tooth’s root has been exposed due to receding gums. Bonding is most often used in fillings, particularly where anterior teeth are concerned.

The procedure is very simple. Little preparation is required unless the tooth is decayed in which case the decayed portion must be removed. For cosmetic fixes such as closing gaps, elongating teeth and evening out color, there is not much preparation at all. Dr. Tran will determine which shade of color appropriately matches your tooth color by using a shade guide. After determining the correct color the tooth surface will be abraded slightly. Next a special liquid is put on the abraded surface to help bond the material to the tooth. The bonding material is then applied and molded and shaped to the desired form. Dr. Tran will use a UV light or laser to harden the material. Once it is ready, she will do the finishing work of trimming, shaping and polishing it. You will have a new smile to wear home.

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