Tips to Prevent Oral Cancer

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When you think about someone with great oral health, what do you think about? You probably think that person has no cavities, gum disease, or injured teeth. However, great oral health isn’t just about having no cavities or gum disease, it also means they probably have a decreased chance of developing oral cancer. Prevention is key when it comes to oral cancer! Here are five tips for maintaining great oral health and reducing your risk of developing oral cancer.

1. Eat Healthy, Nutrient-Filled Foods

A diet filled with nutrients plays a large role in keeping oral cancer at bay. The array of vitamins and antioxidants in fruits and vegetables helps create a healthy oral environment and boost your overall immune system. An example of some healthier food options includes dark, leafy greens, vegetables, fruit, salmon, yogurt, and eggs.

2. Cut Out Tobacco Usage

Tobacco usage is the main contributor to oral cancer. Smoking and smokeless tobacco products can cause cancerous ulcers in the head and neck. If you’re wanting to quit tobacco, talk to your primary care physician to start on a path that works for you.

3. Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is crucial for preventing oral cancer. When the mouth is neglected, harmful bacteria build up and replicate inside the mouth. These harmful bacteria can sneak beneath the gum line and enter the bloodstream, which can lead to a wide variety of health issues.

4. Visit the Dentist Twice a Year

At your biannual dental checkups, your dentist will check for any signs of oral cancer while they examine your smile. Visiting the dentist regularly gives your dentist the chance to catch any dental issues, including signs of oral cancer, early on!

5. Limit Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption has also been tied to an increased risk of developing oral cancer. Alcohol causes dehydration which directly affects the mouth’s environment, and it weakens your immune system.

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Are you overdue for a dental checkup? Don’t put it off! The more proactive you are about your smile, the smaller the risk is for you to develop oral cancer or any other oral health problems! Contact Springhurst Hills Dentistry to schedule an appointment.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Lan Tran, Springhurst Hills Dentistry

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