Advanced Dental Technology for Detecting Cavities Early On

DIAGNOdent dental technology

Cavities are often accompanied by toothaches, sensitivity, and even halitosis. But what if there was a way to detect cavities before they even came to the surface? At Springhurst Hills Dentistry, we offer a state-of-the-art tool that can do just that.

What Is a Cavity?

A cavity is a pocket of decay that develops on the enamel of the tooth. Cavities develop when plaque and bacteria collect on the surface of the teeth, eroding the enamel and making way for decay and infection. When left untreated, the infection in the cavity will spread further down the tooth, down to the root and jawbone.

It is very important to treat cavities in their early stages to prevent the spread of infection. Cavities are treated with fillings, which are made from natural, safe materials to plug the hole created by the cavity.

What Is DIAGNOdent®?

DIAGONOdent® is a laser cavity detection system that can easily, safely, and painlessly scan your teeth for early-stage cavities which can go unnoticed during a dental examination. The way it works is that DIAGNOdent® measures fluorescence within the tooth structure. Healthy teeth usually have little to no fluorescence, while ones that have cavities and decay do have fluorescence.

Why Is Early Cavity Detection Good for Your Oral Health?

When we can detect cavities in their early stages, we can give them less invasive fillings and preserve your natural tooth as much as possible. This will help the tooth stay healthier for longer, especially when coupled with a healthy diet and twice-daily brushing and flossing routine.

Affordable, Preventative Dentistry in Louisville, KY

Cavities can be detected early on during a professional dental examination, which is why it’s so important to schedule twice-yearly dental cleanings and examinations to keep your smile healthy and bright. At Springhurst Hills Dentistry, we offer comprehensive preventative dental treatments, including fluoride treatments and oral cancer screenings. And we do so at an affordable price. For new patients, we offer a new patient special that covers a special exam, x-rays, and cleaning. And for returning patients, our robust financing options are great for all budgets. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Lan Tran, Springhurst Hills Dentistry

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