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When you have a blemished smile it can affect your self-esteem and undermine your confidence without cosmetic dental care. One of the first things people notice about each other is their smile. If you are always hiding yours, now is the time to look into one of the top dental veneers on the market today – Lumineers. These dental veneers are contact lens thin. They are applied seamlessly over your existing teeth and required considerably less preparation than traditional veneers. Over 30 years of experience are behind the Lumineer® system. Your smile will be beautifully natural looking in just two office visits.

Cosmetic Lumineers®

Lumineers are obtained through dentists who have been trained to mount them correctly. There are benefits to wearing Lumineers and Dr. Tran, trained and certified in Lumineer® technology, can explain all of those benefits to you.

Because of the way Lumineers are constructed and applied, they are not as invasive as traditional veneers. Traditional veneers require reduction of existing tooth enamel. That often means injections of anesthetic for sensitivity and pain. Temporary acrylic covers are worn between visits. With Lumineers, there are no temporary covers to deal with; usually no injections and you will not wait that long for your custom-made veneers.

Several dental problems can be remedied with Lumineers. These dental veneers are used to correct minor misalignment of anterior teeth and eliminate spacing problems or gaps between teeth. Lumineers also work for restoring cracked or chipped teeth. If you have problems with stained or discolored teeth, Lumineers will give you a bright beautiful smile again. Teeth that are misshapen or that seem too small can also benefit from these veneers. When old dental work begins to mar your smile, Lumineers can bring that smile back to Hollywood perfection.

Dr. Tran will be happy to discuss with you the possibility of using Lumineers® to enhance your smile. Get renewed confidence with a bright beautiful smile. It only takes a couple of visits to change from hiding it to flashing it everywhere. Contact Springhurst Hills Dentistry today to make your consultation appointment.

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