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When your dental exam reveals that you have dental cavities or caries there is no need to panic. Early intervention with cavities prevents a host of uncomfortable problems that may require restorative dentistry. Generally speaking, with regular checkups, most cavities will not have an opportunity to get very large. Once discovered, the next step is to clean out all the decay and bacteria and put a filling in the tooth. Metal amalgam fillings are routinely used to fill cavities in molars and sometimes in premolars.

These types of filings have been used for decades. Scientific research shows that they are still the highest ranking filling material for use on back teeth. Over time, amalgam fillings hold up the best under the pressure that is caused by normal chewing. Sometimes if the cavity is small or happens to be in a place that is visible when you smile, a composite material will be used.

Composite fillings are not usually used in back teeth because of the extreme pressure exerted on the surfaces of those teeth. While composites are very strong and do hold up well, they do not last quite as long as amalgam fillings may last. Composites are the filling of choice for anterior teeth, however.

Louisville Composite Fillings

Made of a type of plastic and ceramic or glass, composite fillings are superb for restoring the look for anterior teeth. They are matched to the color of your natural teeth by way of a color guide. Once the cavity has been cleaned out, the composite is placed to fill the hole. Once it hardens it is then trimmed and polished so that it looks and feels just like the original tooth. People with frontal dental decay have completely transformed their smiles once their teeth have been treated and filled with composite fillings.

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